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industrial 3.6kw totem pole pfc application evk

various applications are equipped with ac/dc functions, and the totem pole pfc topology is the standard circuit.the tppfcsic-evk-301 implements a single-phase ac/dc conversion stage in totem pole pfc topology. key components are rohm gen.4 sic mosfets (sct4045dr) as the main high-frequency switching elements, as well as the bm61s41 single-channel isolated gate driver ic. in addition, sj mosfets and auxiliary power supply, among other components from rohm, were utilized to create a high-performance ac/dc circuit for single-phase operation.tppfcsic-evk-301 reaches up to 98.5% efficiency at 230vac.if this totem pole pfc reference design is coupled with a secondary stage of comparable efficiency, it becomes possible to achieve the 80 titanium target efficiency of power supply products. moreover, this contributes to enhancing the annual performance factor (apf) of air conditioners.

this reference design consists of two boards. each is shown below.

  • tppfcsic-evk-201_pcb3051:totem pole pfc board
  • tppfcsic-evk-201_pcb3052 : aux power supply board

the software for this reference design can be downloaded from below.


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board number input voltage (freq.) output voltage output power switching frequency efficiency (at half load & 230vac) topology cooling size output voltage 1 output voltage 2
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 85 – 265 vac (50±3 hz or 60±3 hz) 400v (± 5% voltage ripple) 3.6 kw @ 230vac 100 khz 0.985 totem pole forced air, small fan 233mm x 89mm x ca. 40/45 mm(depend on dc link cap.) - -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3052 76 – 450 vdc - - - - - - - 12v 18v

distribution inventory

board number distributor quantity available

key components

board number part number product category datasheet status spice ltspice® ? thermal model symbol & footprint 3d step samacsys ecad library calc tool rohm solution simulator
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 sct4045dr sic mosfets recommended solution simulator
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 bm61m41rfv-c gate drivers recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 bm61s41rfv-c gate drivers recommended solution simulator
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 r6076enz4 190 to 800v power mosfets recommended solution simulator
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 ru1c001un 12 to 150v mosfets recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 ru1c002zp 12 to 150v mosfets recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 pmr18ezpfv current detection resistors recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 lmr1802g-lb operational amplifiers recommended solution simulator
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 bd50ga5mefj-m linear regulators active -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 bu33sd2mg-m linear regulators recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 rb160mm-60 schottky barrier diodes active -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 rfn2lam6s fast recovery diodes recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3051 sml-h12m8t chip leds (mono-color type) active -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3052 rf101lam4s fast recovery diodes recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3052 rfn1lam7stf fast recovery diodes recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3052 rf05vam2s fast recovery diodes recommended -
tppfcsic-evk-301_pcb3052 rf201lam2s fast recovery diodes recommended -