sct4045dr是有助于应用产品实现小型化和更低功耗的sic mosfet。该产品采用带有驱动器源极引脚的封装形式,可更大程度地激发出sic mosfet的高速开关性能。

rohm的第4代sic mosfet

购买 *
* 本产品是标准级的产品。


型号 | sct4045drc15
status | 推荐品
封装 | to-247-4l
包装数量 | 450
最小独立包装数量 | 30
包装形态 | taping
rohs |
长期供货计划 | 10 years


drain-source voltage[v]


drain-source on-state resistance(typ.)[mω]



4th gen (trench)

drain current[a]


total power dissipation[w]


junction temperature(max.)[°c]


storage temperature (min.)[°c]


storage temperature (max.)[°c]


package size [mm]

16x23.45 (t=5.2)


  • low on-resistance
  • fast switching speed
  • fast reverse recovery
  • easy to parallel
  • simple to drive
  • pb-free lead plating ; rohs compliant



different grade

sct4045drhr grade| automotive status推荐品

reference design / application evaluation kit

    • evaluation board - p05sct4018kr-evk-001
      • this board is designed with the optimum gate drive circuit for "sct4018kr", surely to-247-4l can also be evaluated
      • single power supply( 12v operation)
      • supports double pulse testing up to 150a and switching up to 500khz
      • supports various power supply topologies(buck, boost, half-bridge)
      • built-in adjustable gate drive isolated power supply(positive and negative)( 12v to 25v, -4.5v to -2v)
      • active mirror clamp circuit(driver ic built-in type)
      • gate surge clamp circuit
  • user guide
    • application evk - apevk66001
    • industrial 3.6kw totem pole pfc application evk
    • various applications are equipped with ac/dc functions, and the totem pole pfc topology is the standard circuit.the tppfcsic-evk-301 implements a single-phase ac/dc conversion stage in totem pole pfc topology. key components are rohm gen.4 sic mosfets (sct4045dr) as the main high-frequency switching elements, as well as the bm61s41 single-channel isolated gate driver ic. in addition, sj mosfets and auxiliary power supply, among other components from rohm, were utilized to create a high-performance ac/dc circuit for single-phase operation.tppfcsic-evk-301 reaches up to 98.5% efficiency at 230vac.if this totem pole pfc reference design is coupled with a secondary stage of comparable efficiency, it becomes possible to achieve the 80 titanium target efficiency of power supply products. moreover, this contributes to enhancing the annual performance factor (apf) of air conditioners.

      this reference design consists of two boards. each is shown below.

      • tppfcsic-evk-201_pcb3051:totem pole pfc board
      • tppfcsic-evk-201_pcb3052 : aux power supply board

      the software for this reference design can be downloaded from below.


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